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School Philosophy

Kyoto Asuka Academia’s school philosophy is, “A Japanese language school that offers students the opportunity to study Japanese while experiencing the history and culture of Kyoto. We also strive to strengthen the individuality and capability of all of our students.” In order to achieve this, we aim to offer a program that is representative of the traditional Japanese culture found in Kyoto, and also provide a system of learning that caters to students coming from both countries that use Chinese characters and those that do not. By understanding the varied needs of our students, we can ensure that each individual is able to achieve their academic goals. Our faculty are here to provide you with their complete support during your studies.

Learning Goals

  1. For students to obtain the Japanese ability to attend a University, Graduate School, or Specialty school in Japan regardless of whether they come from a country that uses Chinese characters or not.
  2. For students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures and to cultivate an objective and broad worldview that they can apply to problem solving at a global level.
  3. For students to thrive in Japanese society by deeply understanding Japanese culture and gaining knowledge of the roots of Japan and the thought process of the Japanese people. This will enable them to develop into human resources that can build a bridge between Japan and their home country in the future.

Activities (Planned)

Hands-on Learning Excursion (end of July) … Experience Japanese culture while staying at a hotel

    ●Facility … XIV Biwako (includes outdoor pool)
    ●Participation Costs … Need to pay
    ●Itinerary … Hikone Castle, Kurokabe Square

Japanese Culture Experience (middle of July) … Experience Japanese culture by trying on a yukata

    ●Included Activity … Gion Matsuri

Home Visit (experience time with a family) (beginning of August)

    ●Visit the home of a faculty or staff member to experience life in Japan


    ●Welcome Party … middle of April, middle of October
    ●Graduation Party … After the Graduation Ceremony

School Information

Name Japanese Language School Kyoto Asuka Academia
Representative Hirokazu Furuta
Address 〒607-8223 8 Kanshuji Setogawaracho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Access 12-minute walk from Nagitsuji Station
TEL 075-595-0668
FAX 075-591-4173
Email info@asuka-edu.com
Phone Hours 10:00~20:00
Closed Weekends and National Holidays

Access Map

12-minute walk from Nagitsuji Station