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Application Documents

Application Documents from the Student

Document Type Notes
1 Application Form(Including Resume, Reasons of study) (Download from our website)
2 Proof of graduation from final education
3 Proof of enrollment at current school(University) For those planning to graduate soon
4 Proof of Employment Those who have experience of employment must submit
5 Japanese Study Certifications ①Certificates from passing proficiency exams
or ②Proof that you have studied Japanese for at least 150 hours
※Not required if you have graduated from a junior college, university, or graduate school
6 Identification(Passport etc) No passport translation required
7 Photograph 7 photos (within 3 months) 3cm x 4cm

Application Documents from the Supporter

Document Type Notes
1 Proof of Supporter Created and hand signed by the supporter
2 Statement of Balance A statement of the sponsor’s bank balance, it can be displayed in the local currency
3 Documentation showing the funding process Deposit / withdrawal statement, bank book etc
4 Documentation showing the relationship between students and their supporter Family register, birth certificate, etc
※All documents written in another language must include a Japanese translation.

Things to be aware of when making your application

All documents written in another language must include a Japanese translation.
All submitted application documents should be less than three months old.
All documents of certification should be printed on official paper which shows the company title and 
address of the company or institution issuing them.
Other documents may be requested in order to process an application for a student visa.
Please keep a copy of all application documents.

Download Application Documents