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Happy Holidays

On December 23rd, Santa came again this year!
hello everyone!
This year, the 24th is Saturday and the 25th is Sunday, so a panicked Santa Claus came on the 23rd.
This day was the last day of the year before the winter vacation started, and everyone was doing their best to attend class.
Meanwhile, if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of a bell coming from the back of the hallway, “Shang-shang-shang-shang-shang…”
This sound that everyone knows all over the world, yes! Everyone loves Santa Claus! !
Opening the door and laughing “hohoho” is Santa with a red costume, a hat, and a splendid beard.
The reindeer also came with us. Santa Claus getting along well with reindeer! !
Students are delighted with this! A yearly Christmas present was sent to the students who were working hard on their Japanese studies.
Well, classes will start from January 6th next year.
Thank you very much to those who have been involved in Asuka this year and those who have been watching the website. We hope to see you next year❕